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Artisan Profile: Cathy

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Our friend Cathy at the Jonesboro Human Development Center (JHDC) isn’t just a lover of music, supreme pizza, and puppies – she’s also a Blue Umbrella artist!

If you’ve been in the store recently, you likely have seen some of her work! Cathy helps create canvas paintings that are sold in the Blue Umbrella. She’s also working on several pottery pieces that will be in the store soon.

Cathy has been creating art and pottery since she has been in elementary school. But her interest grew in high school, and her passion really took off when she started living at the JHDC.

Cathy had wrist surgery when she was 17 years old, which forced her to re-learn how to write. Cathy says her art helped her stay positive through this process. “Art is my favorite thing to do,” Cathy says, “because it keeps me calm and it makes me happy.”

Creating art for the Blue Umbrella allows her to earn a paycheck, which she says will help her achieve a big goal of hers – to live on her own in the community with the right supports. Cathy loves to work and be independent, and when people buy her art from the Blue Umbrella, it reinforces her belief that she is capable of work and independence! She really feels a sense of pride when people enjoy her art.

Art isn’t her only strong suit though. Cathy is known for being a friendly housemate to others at the JHDC. Her kind heart and warm, welcoming smile always stand out! When she’s not helping a friend out, you might catch her showing off her secret talent – karaoke! Singing is another form of art for her…you just can’t sell it at the Blue Umbrella!

Cathy is working towards being able to live in the community and receives encouragement from her own heroes: her mother and her family. She encourages others and herself with the motto: “Be positive and it will be okay!”

We are so lucky and proud to call Cathy one of our Blue Umbrella artists! You can keep an eye out for her work and support her goals by purchasing her art when you stop by the Blue Umbrella!

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