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  • How can I shop by appointment?
    Give us a call at 501-320-6410, text us at 501-551-4659 or email us at to set up a time to shop outside of regular store hours.
  • What types of online shipping do you offer?
    Packages are mailed via USPS or UPS, whichever has the best rate to get to the recipient quickly. At this time, the store does not offer expedited shipping. The purchaser is responsible for paying shipping costs.
  • How do I get artwork in the store?
    If you receive DD services through Arkansas Medicaid or on the waitlist and have a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability, please complete the application below and email it to us at We will verify your information and respond to you as soon as possible.
  • Does the store accept craft donations?
    We value donations that help support our artists, but at this time the store is unable to accept craft donations.
  • What is a Human Development Center (HDC)?
    A Human Development Center (HDC) is a residential care facility where intellectually or developmentally disabled Arkansans receive 24-hour care and rehabilitation. In each of our state's five HDCs, a full spectrum of services is provided to its residents, including many that receive art therapy or participate in various on-campus work programs or training projects. These programs are some of the ways The Blue Umbrella receives products to sell in-store and online.
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