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Your Dollars Make a Difference!

With the upcoming holiday season, many of us are already shopping for holiday bargains. At The Blue Umbrella, you may not find many sales, but you will find quality items that give back.

When you buy a gift from The Blue Umbrella, you can be sure of three things about your purchase:

  1. The item you buy was made right here in Arkansas.

  2. You are buying a one-of-a-kind item.

  3. The money you spend will benefit Arkansans.

The Blue Umbrella employs about 212 Arkansans with developmental and intellectual disabilities who create the items sold in the shop. Our artisans spend hours imagining and hand-crafting quality items like jewelry, seasonal décor, apparel, greeting cards, rugs, candles, and more. More than 4,200 unique items have been sold to date.

Since the store’s opening, over $34,000 has been paid to our artisans who live across the state. Being paid for their work gives them a sense of independence, pride, and a source of income. The artisans, in turn, spend the money they have earned to buy things they need and gifts for their own loved ones, making these artisans valuable contributors to the Arkansas economy. When you give a gift from The Blue Umbrella, you are sharing something that was made from the heart, and you won’t find 50 of the same at a big box retailer.

This season, consider shopping at The Blue Umbrella for your holiday decorations and gifts – and watch your dollars make a difference.

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