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Artist Profile: Al Hunt

Meet our Artist Profile for July: Al Hunt. Al’s handcrafted beard oil has quickly become a customer favorite, “Blend #7: Causin’ a Commotion,” being among the most popular. Al’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur is a story of creativity and determination. The support of his father, James Hunt, helps him bring his unique products to life.


Al feels his attention to detail and resourcefulness are his greatest strengths, allowing him to create high-quality products that customers love. He has a friendly nature and is driven by a passion to help others and make a positive impact in his community. Al has always looked up to his grandfather, a man who built his own business and is known for his kindness and sense of humor. Inspired by his grandpa’s entrepreneurial spirit, Al decided to follow in his footsteps and started his own business.


When asked about his biggest goal, Al said he wants to grow his business and obtain his driver’s license. He has a relentless determination to achieve his dreams and encourages others to do the same. His message is simple yet powerful: “Keep fighting, keep trying, don’t give up!”


Al’s father has been instrumental in helping him build his business. With limited opportunities available for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, James and his family brainstormed a business idea that Al could control and grow. They settled on making beard oil, a product that gave them the chance to work together and allowed Al to express his creativity. James describes their product as "manliness in a bottle," emphasizing its ability to nourish, moisturize, and soften beards without a

scent. He proudly supports Al’s endeavors, using the beard oil himself and appreciating the time they spend working together.

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