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Artisan Profile: Estie

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Determination, dedication, and diamonds. Our friend Estie uses these three things to make her business - Estie’s Delightful Diamond Paintings and More – a source of joy for herself and others.

For Christmas of 2018, one of Estie’s sisters was gifted a diamond painting art set. Diamond painting is a relatively new craft hobby that is a mix between paint-by-numbers and cross stitch. With diamond painting, you apply thousands of tiny resin “diamonds” to a coded adhesive canvas to create shimmering diamond art. They truly are beautiful works of art, but they require a sharp mind and strong attention to detail.

Estie watched her sister piece together the diamond art in awe. She decided that she wanted to try one, and once she started, she never stopped! Estie has been a contributing artist to the Blue Umbrella for nearly three months now.

Estie loves the sense of pride she feels knowing that she created a high-quality product. And she is thrilled that people like and buy her creations. Like her customers, Estie loves the finished art piece with the radiant sparkle and shine.

Estie created a job out of her hobby, something most people can only dream of. And it’s a family affair for Estie – she and her sisters work together to create their amazing artwork. They work hard so they can continue their work for the Blue Umbrella. Estie says even though the creative process is a little more difficult for her than it might be for others, that doesn’t stop her. She says to never give up! Even if it takes longer than others, the journey is worth it.

Remember that every purchase at the Blue Umbrella puts money in artisans’ hands. Estie is proud to get her paycheck, and she knows what to do with it. Like any smart businesswoman, she invests in her business – buying more diamond painting supplies so she can create more beautiful artwork for her fans.

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