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Zack G

Meet Zack G., a Blue Umbrella artisan from Magnolia! While Zack is known around The Blue Umbrella for his original art pieces sold in the store, he’s also known to be a great athlete. Zack enjoys playing baseball and basketball on campus at Magnolia Specialized Services, a center that offers day programs and residential services for those with developmental delays and disabilities. Zack played both sports while in high school, and he continued his love for the game by joining his local Special Olympic teams. He says his favorite part is “coming together as teams and respecting each other.” Gathering for practice and games hasn’t been as easy this past year due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Zack says a lot has changed. “We have to wear masks, we’ve changed classrooms, and missed out on a lot of Special Olympics trips,” he says. When asked about plans for after COVID-19, Zack said he is most looking forward to “going on vacation and playing in Special Olympics.” When Zack is not busy making art for The Blue Umbrella or playing basketball or baseball, you can catch him making new friends at school, helping others, or sleeping in on the weekend!

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