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Tommy O.

For some, art is just a hobby; for others, it’s a passion. Meet Tommy, a Blue Umbrella artisan from Integrity, Inc., in Little Rock, who is passionate about art and is best known for his detailed drawings.

Tommy’s passion for art started long before he can remember. In fact, Tommy says he doesn’t “recall a time when I didn’t draw.”

His works, usually detailed drawings of wildlife animals, are well-known around the Integrity campus and at The Blue Umbrella store. Aside from drawing wildlife animals, Tommy is also very skilled at drawing architecture and landscape pieces. Stories shared by those who know him, hold that Tommy is so skilled that he has instant recall – meaning he can draw something after only seeing it one time!

When Tommy isn’t drawing, he enjoys cheering on the Arkansas Razorbacks, eating bacon, and watching movies.

Be sure to stop by The Blue Umbrella from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday – Friday to check out all of Tommy’s art and to learn more about the local artisans whose works are sold at the store every day.

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