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The Making of History at Magnolia Specialized Services

Our friend James is a video gamer, history buff, and a lover of all things food. Now, he can add one more to the list – a Blue Umbrella artist.

James has always loved staying busy and staying active. His love for staying active and fit comes from one of his inspirations, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some of his favorite anime characters also encourage him to stay healthy. He says being fit and staying in shape makes it easier for him to do the things he loves – like eating!

James has a huge love for food, and can you blame him? His favorite kind of food to eat is Italian, but give him anything with cheese, sauce, and bread and he’s a happy man! When he doesn’t have a craving for savory foods though, James is a big fan of homemade sweets like pies and tarts. He says he is a “fiend for pastries”—who isn’t?

Loving food is easy to do, but a unique passion of James’ is his love for architecture. His interest in architecture started back in middle school when he started learning about history outside of the U.S. This is where he first saw ancient architecture like fortifications, walls, and towers.

Just like his anime characters inspire him to stay active, this ancient architecture inspired him, too. But this time, inspiration would open new doors for James to become a Blue Umbrella Artist. His love for ancient architecture got James into building clay models of some of his favorite pieces.

This led to him building a model replica of Stonehenge located in England. This was James’ first piece of art featured in the Blue Umbrella. It was purchased by a fellow art, history, and language lover because art always finds its way into the right hands.

James also excels at doing small sketches and drawings. He is most proud of his Yoda drawing featuring a sombrero and a poncho. He uses his sketches to add a little humor to his art and his life.

Our friend James is a creative guy and says that he is pretty resourceful. He says this allows him to use things in unique ways and allows him to “push the envelope” when it comes to his artwork.

James hasn’t always had things come easily for him. There are many challenges he faces every day, but he says those things don’t stop him. James is known by teachers and friends at Magnolia Specialized Services as someone who always knows what others need. They say James is always available to help, and someone they can always count on.

James says he isn’t “big on speeches,” but if he could say something to encourage others, he would say to “just keep at it.” You might face some challenges just like him, but you still have skills. He encourages everyone to “apply your skills to other things and keep an open mind.”

We can all gain something from James. Whether it’s learning about history through his clay models, getting a laugh from his humorous artwork, or just a reminder to keep going and to always try new things, we are lucky to have James share his art with us and we are proud to call him a Blue Umbrella artist!

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