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Blue Umbrella artisan Mason lights up a room with his smile!

As the heavy, gray door to the craft room swings open, in walks Mason looking playful with his mischievous smile, piercing blue eyes, and blonde hair styled into what he calls his "mo-hawk." He sits down after greeting everyone and pulls his chair closer to the table to work on a wreath that will be sold in the shop.

Brittney Wood and Danielle Dority, both staff members at the Human Development Center (HDC) where Mason lives, join him to help with his project. Wood arranges felt shapes for Mason to pick out for the wreath, as Dority helps him to safely glue the pieces on. Both say their favorite thing about Mason is his curiosity, and they explain how much they enjoy seeing Mason explore that curiosity as an artisan for The Blue Umbrella. He likes to learn new things about the people and world around him, so he's often eager to try a new project or craft.

After finishing the wreath, he grabs a sheet of paper to draw his favorite thing - a truck. With a black marker in hand, Mason draws without hesitating, like he's transferring an image from his mind onto paper.

"Trucks are my favorite, Miss Danielle," he says glancing up from his work.

Mason could talk about trucks all day. When asked what his biggest talent is, he answers quickly, "drawing big trucks and trains." It comes as no surprise that his favorite thing to do is play with his remote-control trucks. His dream is to "drive a big truck," and his smile gets even wider as he talks about a time when he once attended a monster truck show.

Dority adds that Mason loves trucks because they remind him of his dad who drives a semi-trailer truck. He speaks about his family often and how he loves to visit them. Someday, he wants to live near his mom and have a job.

Unafraid to be challenged, Mason likes to work, and he wants a job where he can help others. He believes that his two best qualities are that he's friendly and helpful. Ironman is his hero, and if he could have any job, he says he would be a fireman.

"Working is hard, but it's fun to learn new things."

Mason is most proud of his work sold in The Blue Umbrella. He makes several items for the store including door hangers, key chains, necklaces, wreaths, and coasters, but his specialty is greeting card designs for every occasion, including some with his signature truck drawings. Many of Mason's creations are for sale now at The Blue Umbrella. Stop by to pick up one of his cards, and find his photo and story on the back!

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