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Meet Jeremiah! Words aren’t his favorite way to communicate -- but his work speaks volumes about his talent.

Diagnosed moderate-to-severely autistic at the age of three, Jeremiah has struggled his entire life with being able to carry on a conversation with others. His mom Shelby explains, “He thinks the same thoughts as everyone else. He just can’t communicate quickly enough to carry on a typical conversation.”

Instead Jeremiah lets his talent speak for him. When he worked for a local shipping company several years ago, his fellow coworkers marveled at his speed and efficiency while sorting the mail. His employer said that Jeremiah memorized the entire wall of post office boxes and could sort faster than anyone they had ever employed.

Jeremiah feels his biggest strength is his ability to shape clay, and these days, he uses that strength to make claymation art for the Blue Umbrella. He is very proud of his creations, which he also ships nationwide and sells on his Facebook page. He packages and prepares the shipments for the mail himself. He carefully wraps each item and is extra generous with the bubble wrap.

Like anyone would, Jeremiah enjoys making money when people buy his creations. He saves his money to purchase things he wants. In fact, when asked what people notice first about him, he will point to his Star Wars hat. He purchased it himself at Hollywood Studios, one of his favorite places to be.

Stop by The Blue Umbrella to pick up Jeremiah’s latest custom creation – our very own Blue Umbrella magnet.

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