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One look at Cynthia’s wide smile makes it easy to see why she has a reputation for being a happy person at the Arkadelphia Human Development Center. Whether it’s during a stop for some shrimp at Long John Silver’s or the time she spends with the dogs and cats at the Clark County Humane Society, Cynthia smiles. But one thing makes her beam the brightest – when she shows off her work.

Cynthia says her favorite thing to do is make candles for The Blue Umbrella. A top-selling item in the shop, she stays busy making the candles in their many sizes and scents. Cynthia helps make the candles by putting the wicks in and applying the labels on the candle packaging.

The process of making the candles, especially melting the wax and pouring it, helps to calm Cynthia and relieve anxiety when life gets stressful. She finds making the candles relaxing and enjoyable, not unlike the feeling customers have when the smell of ”Fallen Leaves” from Cynthia’s candles wraps around them.

“Part of my job is putting the stickers on the candles,” Cynthia says. “ I also like helping to clean up after we pour candles.” She adds that when someone buys her candles, she feels “HAPPY!”

She is saving her candle earnings in an account for her trip home to see her family next summer. She also keeps her eye out for items with Mickey and Minnie Mouse – her favorite.

Cynthia believes that she can do anything she sets her mind to do and says if she could have any job, she would still want to make candles. Now we know the true reason why her smile is so big! She already has her dream job!

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