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Artisan Spotlight: Julius C.

The Blue Umbrella is filled with art from incredibly talented artisans, like Julius. He works with the shop by way of our partners at Magnolia Specialized Services.

Julius makes many different items, but he considers himself an “old pro” when it comes to ceramics.

“I love working with clay,” Julius said. “… It reminds me of my childhood – playing in the mud as a kid, except now, I don't get in trouble for it."

According to Lisa Van Donsel, an instructor at Magnolia Specialized Services, there is not a class that goes by without Julius reminding everyone that he’s “been doing this stuff since high school!”

“It feels good when people buy my work,” Julius said. “It gives me a chance to use my time and earn money.”

But selling his art at The Blue Umbrella isn’t the only way Julius earns money. Julius also spends his days working as a van aide on the Magnolia Special Services campus assisting van drivers on their routes with younger children.

When asked what his dream job was, Julius couldn’t think of anything he’d rather do.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I really enjoy what I do now.”

Julius likes to spend his earnings on his favorite treats – hamburgers and milkshakes, and sometimes even clothes. He says his style is one of the best!

In his spare time, Julius enjoys playing volleyball or bocce ball, and participating in Special Olympics track and field events. He also likes to travel and looks forward to visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands one day. “And I may never come back,” he teases.

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