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Artisan Spotlight: Palmer

Palmer is a resident at Jonesboro Human Development Center (JHDC) and is a guy full of life and passion. Some of those passions include video games and all things art. This passion was put to good use when Palmer became a resident at JHDC and shortly after, one of the Blue Umbrella’s artisans!

Palmer creates beautiful pieces of art like pottery, pottery magnets, and unique picture holders. He’s been a Blue Umbrella artisan for almost 2.5 years and still feels a huge swell of pride whenever someone buys his art.

Just like all the other Blue Umbrella artisans, Palmer receives 100% of the proceeds when people purchase his handcrafted items. Palmer loves having the opportunity to work, because it allows him to buy things he wants or needs. He mostly buys video games and clothing, but he likes to save his money too! Palmer says to those who might question his ability to work, “if you can work, then I can work!”

He says his biggest strength is the ability to learn new things and that’s why art is so fun for him. But that’s not the only positive thing about him. When you meet Palmer, you immediately notice his huge heart, his great sense of humor, and how considerate he is of those around him.

Palmer says he hasn’t always been that person though. One of the things he is most proud of isn’t his art, but him overcoming his anger and becoming a better person. Everyone around him has taken notice too and he is consistently described as a loving, dedicated, and wonderful person.

On top of Palmer being a great guy, he remains humble! He doesn’t let his amazing artwork, or the constant praise get in the way of who he is and his goals. He aims to eventually leave the HDC and get a good job in his community. His one piece of advice to others and to himself to be able to achieve your goals is to “practice more!”

Palmer would love to be able to find a job in his community, but his dream job would be working with any sort of animals…especially reptiles. So, it comes as no surprise to find out that his favorite animal is a rock iguana.

Palmer is a hard-working guy full of passion and dedication! He loves art, loves his “big ol’ glazed honey buns,” and loves showing off his hidden talents – like wiggling his ears!

Artist, comedian, and overcomer. That’s Palmer. To know him is to love and appreciate him, and the Blue Umbrella is so grateful to have him as an artist!

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