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The store has two types of 2021 calendars available for sale, and it's not too late to grab yours!

  • WALL CALENDAR: “Faces of 2021” is a yearly fundraiser created by Magnolia Specialized Services in Magnolia. The creation of this wall calendar is an event that the clients look forward to every year. The photography, make-up, and scenery for each month is donated for the project. Every month features a different group of clients representing different themes and scenarios. Often the pictures include hats, prom dresses, old cars, locally-known settings, and beloved pets. $12.87 each | see larger image

  • DESKTOP CALENDAR: With artwork inspired by clients at Opportunities, Inc. in Texarkana, this themed desktop calendar has a clear mini-easel for easy display. There are 23 clients total who worked on the different monthly pieces. A friend of Opportunities, and local artist, Eileen Stearman, volunteered to work with the clients to create a Christmas card collection in 2019. The clients had so much fun with that project, they wanted to create more than just Christmas drawings, which led to this 2021 calendar. Each month is a loose 4x6-inch page. $19.89 each | see larger image

Both of these useful calendars are a great opportunity to share the missions of these organizations with the public and provides a wonderful way to showcase the talents of the clients who attend both Opportunities, Inc. and Magnolia Specialized Services.

Email Erin at or call 501-398-4128 if you need to order your calendar and pick it up or have it shipped to you.

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